Mother's Day Reflections: Why Mums Need More Self-Love 🌸

🌸 Mother's Day always gets me thinking. As a mum of teenage boys, my life is a bit more settled now. While other mums are juggling work, school runs, and after-school sports (remember those U7 soccer matches? What a riot 🤣!), I'm finding pockets of time to focus on my business.

But even with my less hectic schedule, Mother's Day prep as a business owner is a whole other level! Between regular markets, pop-ups, and supporting breast cancer fundraisers (a cause close to my heart 💖), those days leading up to the holiday are a hectic! And that's where my products come in. I want to give busy mums some tools to find a few moments of calm amidst the chaos.


The Self-Care Struggle

We've all heard it: "You can't pour from an empty cup." But with teenagers, finding time for self-care feels like surviving a zombie apocalypse! There's the eye-rolling, slammed doors, and the constant soundtrack of "I'm boooored." It sometimes feels like relaxing is a luxury you only unlock once they finally move out.

Yet, if we don't recharge, how can we possibly have the patience to navigate those teenage moods or the energy to keep up with their endless appetites (and laundry piles!)?

You may not know this, but I beat breast cancer a few years ago. I survived cancer in part because I learned – the hard way – that my well-being matters. And not just for me, but for those energetic boys who need a mum who can function on minimal sleep and a lot of caffeine. So, while those "bad mum" moments still creep in, I'm committed to finding my pockets of sanity wherever I can.


Simple Self-Care Acts for Mums

Even just 5 minutes can work wonders. Here's what helps me:

  • Aromatherapy Ritual: My "Relax" roll-on with lavender and bergamot is my "don't lose your cool" tool. A candlelit bath with essential oils is a rare and glorious escape. ✨
  • Headphones & Good Music: Sometimes the only way to drown out the chaos is with my favourite tunes 🎧. A quick dance party = instant mood boost!
  • Nature Break: A quick walk with the dogs helps me reset. It's a great way to de-stress, get some fresh air, and tire out the furry crew!
  • Nourishing Meal: It's tempting to eat whatever's easiest, but a healthy meal gives me the stamina to deal with teenage intensity.
  • Saying "No": Learning to protect my time and energy has been life-changing. It's okay for the laundry to wait!


Aromatherapy: Your Self-Care Superpower

Yes, I blend pure organic essential oils to create aromatherapy products, but that's just the start! I'm obsessed with the power of scent. Uplifting citrus to boost my mood, lavender to calm before bed... it's why I make soy wax candles, room & linen sprays, roll-ons, reed and car diffusers, even magnesium spray! I wanted to provide a variety of easy-to-use aromatherapy options for those much-needed moments of self-care.


Your Personalized Self-Care Plan

What works for me might not resonate with your crew. Explore these:

  • Guided meditation app
  • Exercise (even a brisk walk)
  • Chatting with mum-friends who get it
  • Indulging in a hobby you love, guilt-free


Mother's Day: Celebrate YOU 🌸

Treat those special mums in your life to something thoughtful. But please – include yourself on the list! Whether it's a product from my shop, your favourite magazine, or simply permission to lock the bathroom door, you absolutely deserve it.


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Let's Celebrate Mums! Share your teen-tested self-care rituals in the comments below.

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