German Roots, Green Heart: How I'm Bringing Eco-Consciousness to Essential Oils

I've been passionate about essential oils for most of my life. But when I moved to Australia over 20 years ago, finding truly high-quality oils was a challenge. The arrival of those big MLM companies finally meant access to good products, but at what cost? Their business practices don't sit right with me, and they certainly don't support our amazing Australian growers, wholesalers, and small businesses. Plus, let's talk about that carbon footprint!

The upcoming Off-Grid Living Festival has me thinking about how LivEssence does things a bit differently. My commitment to eco-consciousness goes beyond feel-good buzzwords. Here's what we're all about...

  1. Pure, Natural Ingredients:

You wouldn't catch me using anything but the finest pure, ethically sourced essential oils. It's a matter of respect – for nature's gifts, and for your well-being! No harsh synthetics that can harm both you and the environment.

  1. Australian Focus

Keeping it local matters to me. I source everything from Aussie wholesalers, the furthest away being Sydney. My dream is to one day work directly with Australian farms - imagine a LivEssence blend with lavender grown right here in Victoria! For now, I'm proud to support businesses like Australian Wholesale Oils with their incredible selection of high-quality organic oils.

  1. Mindful Packaging

I'm all about those beautiful amber glass bottles. Not only do they protect my precious oils, but they look stunning and can be reused (or at least easily recycled!). For smaller sizes, I love the compostable bubble envelopes from Hero Packaging. I even reuse supplier packaging wherever possible! Yes, being eco-friendly might add a little to my costs, but it's a no-brainer for me. This planet is the only home we've got, and I want my kids (and maybe theirs!) to have a bright future.

  1. Organic Matters

Taking the organic route takes our eco-consciousness to the next level. Organic essential oils come from plants grown without harmful pesticides or fertilizers. This not only protects the environment but ensures the plants themselves are as healthy and potent as possible. When you breathe in a LivEssence blend, you're getting the purest essence of the plant's therapeutic benefits – a true gift from nature, straight to you!


Ready to bring the power of nature into your off-grid lifestyle? Here's why you should swing by the LivEssence stall at the Off-Grid Living Festival:

  • Embrace eco-friendly wellness: Discover essential oil blends crafted with sustainability in mind.
  • Support Australian businesses: All our essential oils are sourced from Aussie suppliers and wholesalers.
  • Minimize your footprint: Experience natural scents with mindful packaging and a focus on ethical ingredients.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: Our commitment to sustainability extends to how we package your products.
  • Connect with a conscious brand: Learn about our passion for the environment and how essential oils fit into an eco-conscious lifestyle.

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