Breathe Easy, Stay Healthy: Immunity-Boosting Aromas for the Whole Family

Cooler mornings and colourful leaves...autumn has arrived, and it's a gentle reminder to give our immune systems some extra love! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could stay away from those annoying coughs and sniffles naturally? Guess what? With the power of essential oils, we can!

LivEssence Blends for Autumn Wellness

Think of these handcrafted blends as your family's natural defense team, ready to support your wellbeing this season:

  • Cleanse: Imagine a cozy sanctuary with this calming blend. It promotes easy breathing, helps create a sense of peace, and offers a gentle escape from the bustle of everyday life.
  • Revive: Say goodbye to the autumn blues! This uplifting, energizing blend is like a burst of sunshine, perfect for boosting your mood and keeping your spirits high.

Easy Immunity Rituals for Everyone

Here's how to make Cleanse and Revive part of your family's wellness toolkit:

  • Morning Motivation: Start the day on a positive note! Diffuse Revive for an energizing atmosphere that sets everyone up for success.
  • Breathe Easy on the Go: For moments of stress or worry, apply a small amount of Cleanse roll-on to pulse points and take a few deep breaths.
  • Evening Calm: Unwind after a busy day with the calming aroma of a Cleanse soy wax candle. It creates an environment of grounding for relaxation and restful sleep – so important for staying healthy!
  • Bath Time Bliss: Add a few drops of either blend to a warm bath. Inhale the comforting scents and let the worries of the day melt away.

Here is my Story:

"Winter almost 3 years ago my son said, "I am feeling a bit under the weather, can you please light up one of your candles." So, I tried the Cleanse soy wax candle, and I was sitting the closest to it and my nose opened all up ;-) My son had a great night sleep and was ready for his soccer match the next morning (only 1 out of 3 matches because Melbourne went soon after back into lockdown)" - Anja, LivEssence Founder

Important Reminders:

  • Little Ones: Use gentler diffusion with children and always dilute the roll-on before applying to their skin.
  • The Whole Picture: Essential oils are amazing allies, but let's not forget the basics! A healthy diet, good sleep, and keeping stress in check are also key to a strong immune system.

Ready to Boost Your Family's Defenses?

Let LivEssence be your natural wellness partner this autumn! Discover the power of our Cleanse and Revive blends. Natural Immunity Boosters 👈🏻

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