Our plant-based, eco-friendly diffuser liquid is of the superior quality. Combined with our therapeutic essential oil blends, the natural diffuser is perfect for spaces that require a constant natural essence. 

Our Natural Reed Diffuser liquid refill is sealed in an amber PET (a highly recyclable plastic) bottle, and packaged with a fresh set of natural reed diffusing sticks and a reusable funnel for seamless transfer of liquid. The refill liquid is intended for use in your clean, LivEssence Natural Reed Diffuser vessel or a clean, high quality glass diffuser bottle.

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Natural reed diffuser base liquid (contains 2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-Dioxolan-4-Ylmethanol), 100% pure essential oils



Fragrance Life

Approximately 3 months (once transferred into a high quality glass diffuser bottle). Your diffuser liquid is packaged with 10 reed fragrance diffusing sticks. We recommend using 6 sticks, and increasing the amount over a few days until desired fragrance level is reached. Rearrange and flip reed sticks occasionally.

Room Recommendation

Ideal for smaller, enclosed rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, linen cupboards and small bedrooms.


This liquid is to be carefully transferred into a glass reed diffuser vessel using the funnel provided as soon as possible. Please take care when transferring the liquid into your diffuser; some surfaces may react when spilled. Use caution when pouring the liquid and touching the reed sticks; although our essential oils are considered skin safe, we recommend using a thin cloth or gloves to protect the skin from any possible reaction.


Transfer liquid into glass diffuser vessel as soon as possible. Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


Fragrance Menu


Lavender & Bergamot
(Lavendula angustofolia*, Citrus bergamia)

A rich blend of soothing Bergamot and Lavender essential oils will give your place of living a warm and peaceful atmosphere. These therapeutic oils are believed by aromatherapists to have a positive effect on the nervous system; assisting with relaxation, sleep and calmness. This specific oil blend is known to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety and create a feeling of restfulness and tranquillity. It is recommended to use this essence at least an hour before bed time for a restful sleep.


Lime & Lemongrass
(Citrus aurantifolia, Cymbopogan flexuosus*) 

This vibrant combination of aromas will freshen your living space and have you feeling alive and energised. Lemongrass oil is fresh and citrusy with grassy and herbaceous notes, and is known for it's naturally stimulating and reviving properties. Lime oil adds a revitalising, uplifting scent. This refreshingly crisp and sweet, citrus-fruity fragrance gives a mood boosting element to this blend. This combination of oils is also the perfect natural insect repellent.

*Certified organic

Vegan Australia Certified product #18083

ACO Certification #12456


Natural Reed Diffuser (Refill Liquid)

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